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Roger Wilco
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This first, official, nonbeta, nontest release of Roger Wilco presents a small, standalone application that allows you and your friends to talk to each other while playing multiplayer games online. It works with most existing games, such as Half-Life, Quake II, Diablo, Tribes, Unreal, and StarCraft, and will also work with other games that have multiplayer capabilities still in development. (You can find the full list of compatible games here.) In addition to games, Roger Wilco will work with here.

Please note: Roger Wilco is free, but you must register for a license key to unlock its full functionality. Prior to registration, Roger Wilco operates in a demo mode, which restricts you to 15 minutes spent on a single tuning. Registration is free. You can register Roger Wilco either by clicking the Get License Key button on the License tab, or by visiting the registration page.

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