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Dink Smallwood
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Imagine exploring a giant medieval world filled with creatures and people that are more than just sprites. You don't just talk to people, you know them. You don't just kill things for experience, you tear them apart for fun. Dink Smallwood has been inspired by the classic oldies such as Zelda, Final Fantasy, King's Quest, Monkey Island and other favorites (see screen shots).

The story begins in a world where dragons roamed the land and knights fought with valor and honor. And then there was Dink: the son of pig farmers, he wanted nothing more than to join the King's army, impress the girls with his fancy armor, and experience adventures. He wondered: Was throwing corn to swine all the adventure a young man could find? Little did young Dink Smallwood know that in time, he would look upon these as "the good ol' days."

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