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Unreal Tournament: Inoxx Pack
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Download six Deathmatch and Capture the Flag mods designed by Cedric "Inoxx" Fiorentino, the Unreal Tournament developer best known for his Capture the Flag level, Facing Worlds. He has been designing levels for Epic for five years, creating fan favorites such as UT's Phobos Moon, Hyperblast, and Metaldream levels. The levels in the Inoxx pack were originally created for Unreal Tournament but were not completed by the time of the game's launch (see screen shots).

The Inoxx Pack includes:

  • Facing Worlds 2 (CTF): The follow-up to the infamous Capture the Flag map that helped make Unreal Tournament a household name. Two flags. Two towers floating in space. Two teams. Too much mayhem!
  • Crane (DM): A construction site is an insurance company's nightmare; it is filled to the brim with hazards. What a perfect place for deathmatch action! Players can camp out on top of enormous work cranes while sniping at the battles below, or hide behind piles of girders to ambush foes. The view is breathtaking, but try to avoid falling...
  • High Towers (CTF): This baby takes place in the same city environment as Crane. The main difference is that each team base is located in a separate building. Like the other levels, it's huge!
  • Nucleus (CTF): This map is a standard Capture the Flag level with two symmetric bases, except it looks beautiful and it's very disorienting.
  • Kosov Valley (CTF): This is very big and designed for a large number of players. There are two bases: the blue base is a military outpost, the red base is an ancient temple. Players are forced to walk on a path on the edge of a big lake, or in a long underground cave.
  • SpaceNoxx (DM): This is a hard-core arena. Be ready to fight in low gravity on this floating platform. It's made for a small number of players. But you can thin them out when you get there.

Download this game for free!

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