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Unreal Tournament: Bonus Pack
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The Unreal Tournament Bonus Pack is a big thank-you from the creators of the game to all who purchased the full version. It includes new character skins: the Skaarj Hybrid, Nali, and the Nali WarCow. It also adds new levels: DM-Agony, DM-Cybrosis][, DM-ArcaneTemple, DM-Malevolence, DM-Shrapnel][, DM-HealPod][, DM-Mojo][, CTF-Cybrosis][, CTF-Hydro16, CTF-Noxion16, and CTF-Darji16. Finally, it adds relics to your game. You add relics into an Unreal Tournament game the same way you add mutators. You can add as many or as few as your heart desires. They each spawn over a random path node and move around the map if nobody picks them up after a short interval. They can be used with any game type that Unreal Tournament supports. There are six relics: The Relic of Strength, the Relic of Regeneration, the Relic of Defense, the Relic of Speed, the Relic of Redemption, and the dreaded Relic of Vengeance. You may carry only one relic at a time.

Note: This pack should be compatible with previous versions of Unreal Tournament as well as all future versions. However, it is strongly suggested for maximum performance and bug-free gameplay you download the latest patch. If you find any bugs, please email them, along with your UnrealTournament.log file (from your UT/system directory) and system details, to Epic Games.

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