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Quake III: Arena (32-bit Windows)
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This is the latest release of Quake III: Arena. It is the distributable demo release.

In Quake III: Arena, you're plunged into a brutal, realistic 3D environment (see screen shots). You'll need to rely on your agility, instincts, and a lot of weapons to beat your opponents. Connect with players via LAN or Internet servers. Keep in mind, this is just a test version andnot the full game.

If you are experiencing video problems with the Win32 version of Q3Test, it may be because you must run GLSetup in order to install the latest OpenGL drivers, which have been tested to work with Quake III: Arena Demo.

id Software is back with the latest edition to their Quake series. The graphics are beautiful and fresh with a few new advances. The sounds will make your head spin. Overall, this is definitely something to keep your eyes on!

Note: This game is recommended for mature audiences only.

Download this game for free!

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